Subterranean termites mainly live under ground and feed on old roots, leaves, dead plant material, and can cause serious structural damage to homes and buildings.

Keep all moisture away from structures, as this creates an environment conducive to subterranean termites.

Keep gutters empty & free of debris.

Minimize wood-to-ground contact to eliminate entry paths.

Cut shrubs away from the house, repair water leaks immediately, and do not allow sprinklers to hit the home.

Aim air conditioning drip lines away from your home.

Look for signs of subterranean termites such as a swarm of insects in the spring usually noticeable in the morning on one of the first warm days, after a rain.

When living in Florida it’s not a matter of IF you will get subterranean termites; it’s a matter of WHEN…


Different types of Termites require specific treatments. Let Rivers Pest Control identify and customize a treatment plan that fits your situation to treat and / or prevent termite damage.

For Subterranean Termite treatment, we use liquid termiticide applications.

Pre-Construction treatments include a soil treatment, a stud treatment, and a barrier treatment.

Whether you have Subterranean or Drywood Termites, there are treatment plans available.