Drywood termites are airborne, as opposed to subterranean termites which come from the ground.

Drywood termites seek the older, drier wood of homes or buildings, causing substantial damage.

Drywood termites may also invade antique wooden furniture.  Often people unknowingly transport or bring home infested furniture, introducing the termites.

Drywood termites are usually found in attics, rafters, second-story and historic buildings as well as coastal areas.

Spot treating drywood termites is not effective; they usually return.

Drywood termites swarm in warm months between May and October during dusk and usually around artificial lights such as those from televisions, computer monitors, and fluorescent lights.

Wings are usually the first sign of drywood terminates.

Rivers Pest Control uses a tent fumigation process to exterminate Drywood Termites.

Our staff identifies and customizes a treatment plan to fit your situation, and walks you through the fumigation process.

A typical fumigation is usually a 3-day / 2-night process during which time the home needs to be vacated.

The fumigant is a clean inorganic gas that does not leave a chemical residue; washing dishes and bed linens is not required.

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